Here at Landlord Support Services we are preparing for the storm. Weather forecasters are saying this could be the worst storm since 2008. High winds and rain are expected to begin Wednesday evening and last through Thursday afternoon. Winds out of the south at 30 and 45 mph are expected with gusts up to 60 to 70 mph. Heavy rain is also expected between 2 to 5 inches in the Tehama County Area. Regardless of the severity of a winter storm, being prepared for the storm can save you a lot of discomfort and trouble once the storm hits.

Take Action

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Our property management team is working hard to ensure tenants stay warm and dry. Today we built sandbag barriers around rentals in high risk Red Bluff areas. We take pride in delivering excellent service to our homeowners and tenants.

Tehama County Storm Preparation Tips:

  • Clean debris from gutters.
  • Limb up weak trees or remove them entirely.
  • Secure outdoor furniture.
  • Check your storm drains and clear debris if necessary.
  • Fix any lose screens or cracked windows.
  • Get sandbags and sand. (Learn how to correctly build a sandbag barrier)

Tehama County Free Sandbag Locations:



  • Red Bluff: Red Bluff Library, 645 Madison St.
  • Red Bluff: Cal Fire station, 604 Antelope Blvd. (Bags are prefilled)
  • Red Bluff: 774 Antelope Blvd. (Bags are prefilled)
  • Los Molinos: 8715 Fox St.
  • Corning: Corning Fire Station on Fifth Street. (Bags are inside station)

The Tehama County Sheriff’s Office is asking those filling bags to bring shovels with them.

During the storm, make sure you:

  • Remain at home and avoid driving if possible.
  • Keep away from downed or hanging power lines. Consider all downed lines to be energized.
  • Have batteries ready to go for flashlights, radios and other devices.
  • Avoid standing water. Do not drive or walk in flooded areas.
  • Keep away from emergency vehicles and take alternate roads.