September is about how we approach the end of the rites of summer, with the big Labor Day Weekend, by saluting the working people. The very first Labor Day parade was held in New York in 1882 (134 years ago).

A woman, Jane Addams, devoted her life to making a better life for others and fought for women’s rights. In September of 1931, she was the first American woman to have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (85 years ago).

September is also the end of the formal vacation season and a signal that it’s time to go back to work. We have flags, parades, and picnics.

Historically, on September 1, Germany invaded Poland in 1939, triggering World War II, (77 years ago) and from that day; we have had to put the world back together with blood, sweat, toil and tears. The next day, on September 2, 1939, Britain and France entered into World War II. Then, on September 2, in 1945, (6 years later) aboard the US battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay, Japan signed documents of surrender of World War II. World War II had actually ended on August 14, 1945 (71 years ago), but the ceremonies aboard the battleship, Missouri, were the formal acknowledgement of Japan’s defeat.

Also, in the month of September, California was admitted into the United States as the 31st state back in 1850 (166 years ago).

September 9, 1776, United Colonies changed its name to the United States (240 years ago). The first paved road from California to the east coast occurred in September in 1939 (103 years ago).

What will this September 2016 bring? How will you contribute, what will you do to make the world, your town, your family or yourself better?

Remember to visit our 96th Annual Tehama County Fair, September 22-25.