Moving can be difficult. Between applications, packing, giving proper notice where you currently live, cleaning your existing residence, saving for required deposits, etc., it can be confusing to figure out what steps to take to get into a property. Here is a checklist to help you better understand the process of getting approved and placed quickly into a rental.
The first and most important item when considering moving is “money”. You will need to ensure you have enough funds to move. This includes a full month’s rent, deposit, pet deposit, key deposit, moving truck, turning on utilities, arranging for trash service, internet, TV service, propane, etc.

The application is equally important. Read the application carefully, being certain to fill in all spaces thoroughly to ensure that you provide all the information and documentation to qualify you in a timely manner, so as not to delay the process.

Viewing the property is your next step once you become a qualified renter. This is the step where you decide that you are interested and really want to proceed with signing a rental agreement. During this step you will have an opportunity to ask specific questions about the property.

Once you have agreed to rent a house or apartment, please allow yourself ample time to read and sign the rental agreement, whether it be a month-to-month or lease agreement. Be prepared to also pay the deposit when you sign the rental agreement.

The most important thing to remember is that moving requires a good plan. Do not expect the process to happen overnight. You will need to save for and ensure you have sufficient funds to even consider making a move without “breaking the bank”. Remember, finding and looking at housing is the easy part, but don’t let that overshadow the serious work and dedication it takes to plan and save funds for moving. Take your time, get yourself and your family prepared, and remember to be patient with yourself and others so that this important move will be stress-free.