We, here at Business Connections, remember when neighborhoods were small communities of their own. Everyone knew their neighbors’ names, how many kids they had, and their pets’ names. We watched out for one another. Kids played in the street, cars drove slow watching for them. Neighborhoods were safer and people friendlier. It was a much simpler time then.

Now we are all so busy with demanding jobs, taking children to their activities and trying to take care of our own family, we do not have the time or energy to get to know our neighbors. We need to try to get back to the way it was. Your home should be a safe place to be.

build-community-neighborhood-safetyYes, the world is a very different place now. We should not let that stop us from trying to make our neighborhood a safer place for our children, our elderly, and ourselves. It is our job to reach out and get to know our neighbors and neighborhoods better. If you go out of town, ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your home, pick up the paper and the mail, if necessary. For safety’s sake leave a light on, you do not want your home to look vacant.

If you or someone you know sees something suspicious, call 911. Do not try to handle the situation yourself. We have had incidents in our community where just a simple question of “What are you doing in this area?” has resulted in a violent attack on our citizens.

We want all of you to be safe & feel safe at all times. Let’s look out for one another as if we are all one family. Do not be afraid to call the police. They are here to help.